Big Wall Mirrors

Add Charm And Unify A Space With Big Wall Mirrors For Living Room

Do you want to make your home look energetic and warm too? Then we have one suggestion for you, add a big mirror on the walls of different rooms. Place mirrors strategically in your living room to bring positive energies into the home. Same way placing it in a bedroom will make the place cozy. There are other places too that bring different effects. 

Wall big mirrors serve as a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The function is to see our reflection in the mirror. And the other part is to add brightness and depth to the décor of the room. It makes the room look bigger if you keep a check on which things to reflect in the mirror. 

Big mirrors for the wall act as a versatile décor element

These add a style statement and make it more appealing. If you feel like amplifying the lighting of the room then add mirrors. You can further add an LED light at the border to uplift more of a dim-lit room. These mirrors reflect good energies and make a good focal point. 

Everyone appreciates mirrors, and it is in trend these days. It is a demand in modern homes. So don’t lack behind and add beautiful big mirrors in your rooms and amplify glamor. Whosoever passes by the mirror, stops to have a glance of themselves. This makes it an attractive piece that is even liked by children and not only by adults. 

Here are some fresh ideas on how to involve mirrors in the rooms

The living room

Inside a living room, big wall mirrors can give an aesthetic feel. Make sure it reflects beautiful things so you have to place it accordingly. It can have a reflection of a light coming from a dazzling chandelier or some charming artwork. If there is a beautiful scene outside then you can place it opposite that also. This brings joy and serenity to the room. 

Keep a big mirror on the floor

You do have the flexibility of placing it according to Vastu. Which states that it should not be placed opposite the main entrance and in the northeast direction. You can also place a big mirror on the floor giving a complete look to the room. Just place a bold art piece or a big plant near it to add to the uniqueness. 

Either hang a big rectangular mirror above the sofa but its width should be less than that of the furniture. If there are any windows, you can place them between them or above a console table. To add an extra outline, place it behind a shelf and put some plant pots, souvenirs, or books on the shelf. 

The hallway

To brighten the dark and dull path of the entryway, add a big wall mirror. It will style your space and make the way very significant. The hallway is a way to our home, so it creates a first impression on the person. To show your personality just add an elegant piece and make it sophisticated. 

Further a horizontal will look nice just above a table or shoe rack and give a wider look to the room. Again, as told earlier just avoid placing it opposite the main entrance as it is said it brings negative energy to the home. If placed appropriately, these mirrors become a source of opportunities and good vibes. 

The bedroom

Style your bedroom with a big wall mirror and add warmness to the room. You can either hang a mirror above a dresser or drawers. Or you can place it on the floor. It is entirely your choice and based on its function. You are ready to go and have a quick glance at your dress-up, a mirror is best to tell you. You feel positive and confident. 

Significance of Vastu

Just keep a few things in to put a hook behind the mirror and strong support. Make sure it is not weak otherwise the mirror can fall and break. According to Vastu, the mirrors should not be facing the door of the room. And opposite the bed, the reflection of a person lying on the bed should not be seen in the mirror. It is not considered good. 

The washroom

Mirrors are an essential part of the bathroom. To brush, comb and do other activities, a mirror is a must. Why not make it look modern and enhance the look of the bathroom also. Nowadays people not only look at the living room but also notice bathrooms. So, make it look classy by adding designer mirrors to make a statement.

Don’t go for smaller ones as they don’t solve the purpose. Try bigger ones with better resolution and clarity. If you want to add a little extra touch then add a light to it to make it brighter. Placing a plant pot in front of will make the reflections more pleasant. Again, some tips for keeping it according to Vastu is to keep it clean and tidy. Avoid placing opposite toilets and broken pieces. 

Grab your favorite aesthetic or antique wall mirrors for living room online from WallMantra and change the look of your home. 

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