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Designer Bedside Table – Accessorize Your Space with A Multipurpose

Bedside tables can be said as bed accessories that are placed mostly beside a bed. It serves various purposes and gives a stylish touch to the bedroom. Depending on the preferences, material, and interiors of your room, you can choose different styles and color contrast. They are usually in small size and with one or two drawers or small doors depending on the usage. Sometimes the matrices width is more so a small side table will not look appropriate, choosing long slender side tables will be a good choice. A bed is a place where you come to relax after a hectic day or out of tiredness to sleep, so bedside tables are very important to keep all the required things in one place for easy access. Try choosing a side table that is attractive and purposeful too. It makes the empty spaces of the room luxurious.

Before selecting the bedside table make sure you take into consideration these factors:

Height:  Select the height of the table according to the bed height. For shorter beds choose low profile nightstands and vice versa for higher edge beds.

Surface area: Usually a bedside table is a place where we keep many useful things and décor items. We would suggest you, select an appropriate size as per your need and avoid cluttering the space.

Storage space:  A bedside table mostly has one or two drawers or doors to store things while keeping them out of sight. Select a nightstand with an open shelf if you want to keep books. Sleeker ones are also available if you need less space.

Material: There are different bedside tables available made from different materials like natural Sheesham and mango wood, iron or brass, glass top, and polished metals. Depending on your furniture material choose the same bedside table material to go along with it.

Color: The color of the room should match and complement the bedside table. It should sink with the other home decorative pieces of the room.

There are some ideas on how to use a bedside table in various ways:

You can keep a light lamp for various use like for reading your favorite book a night and in place of night wall lights. The bedside table color and design should be in contrast to the lamp. An alarm clock is an essential thing to wake you in the morning, and for keeping a track of time. An oil diffuser as a luxury to change the ambiance of the room is also kept these days. Placing a decorative tissue box or a stylish tray for keeping your daily jewelry safe can jazz up your room. A plant having fresh leaves or flowers just at your bedside gives an organic touch to the bedroom. It is so refreshing to keep delicate plants like an orchid or fern which not only add colors to the room but also purify the air of the room. If plants don’t seem to be a catchy option for you then try using shells, corals, timber, or marble pieces on your table. Use a mirror that reflects lights by brightening the room and giving it an extra depth. Opt for a scented candle that suits your mood. It creates a calm and relaxed space also uplifting the mood.

Benefits of Bedside Tables

A bedside table can be used to put your mobile phones, laptops, glasses, medicines, water bottles, and many more things right next to you. If you want to snooze or switch off your alarm clock, it is kept at an arms-length distance. Keeping framed photographs or a vase enhances the beauty of the room.

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