Benefits of Feather and Down Bedding

Feather and down bedding are a popular choice for many reasons. The natural fillings make the bedding light and durable, while providing excellent insulation and thermal properties. Down comforters are also hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft. Below is a breakdown of the benefits of down comforters. If you are considering switching to feather and down bedding, here are some advantages to consider. Let’s start with the softness of down.
Down comforters are hypoallergenic

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic down comforter, there are several options available. Alternatives are made from synthetic fibers that mimic the properties of down. These down-like materials can be machine-washable and are a good alternative to down comforters. Although they’re not as warm and cozy as real down, they are often more affordable. Some down alternative comforters may be filled with microfibers for added stain resistance, which can make them less appealing for allergy sufferers.
They are breathable

When it comes to comfort, down and feather products are an excellent choice. They are naturally breathable, which prevents moisture from accumulating in the fibers, which can encourage the growth of dust mites. Tightly woven materials are also more resistant to dust mites, leading to better sleep for allergy sufferers. The quality of down and feather products is also ensured by the Downafresh(r) mark. NOMITE certification is another sign of quality case weaving and anti-microbial treatment.
They provide support

Down and feather pillows are both popular options for filling your pillows. They have a soft, fluffy feel that never bunches up or becomes lumpy. You can get down pillows that are affordable, durable, and have the benefit of being environmentally friendly. Down is also a more breathable fiber than synthetic materials, so they breathe well. While this might not seem like a big deal at first, it’s important to consider these factors before investing in down bedding.
They are soft

Down and feather products have many benefits. These products are naturally breathable, meaning that they don’t trap moisture that can create a breeding ground for dust mites. Because of this, down and feather products are warmer, lighter, and puffed up than their synthetic counterparts. Down fill power, the number of cubic inches filled per ounce, is one way to measure the quality of down. This value is particularly important for allergy sufferers.
They are cheaper than feathers

You can find down and feather bedding for much cheaper than you think. Both fill materials are durable and comfortable. Down is found on the breasts of waterfowl and is about three times the cost of feather. Feather is used in pillows and is often crushed. While the former is softer and warmer, down is rigid and can be more expensive. It is also harder to separate than feathers. Fortunately, down to feather bedding is usually cheaper than pure down.

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